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Taking care of your coffee machine

A quality brew is all about preparation. And making sure your coffee machine is clean and working well is a big part of making the perfect brew.

Descaling is important maintenance for all coffee machines…

As we all know, tap water contains impurities. These build up as limescale on the internal parts of your coffee machine.

Overtime this build up will prevent your coffee machine from working at it’s best.

To ensure you’re your perfect brew is always available, descale your machine at the correct intervals. If your machine doesn’t provide you with an automatic prompt – check our library above to find your manual and read up about this important task.

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All coffee machines need some tender love ‘n care!
It’s all about the cleaning. Coffee machines are mini marvels and mechanically, they look after themselves.
But everything needs a good clean to stay at its optimum performance!
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The better the water, the better the coffee!
Regularly replacing your filters not only makes your coffee taste better, it reduces the build up of limescale.
Reducing the buildup of limescale means you don’t need descale you machine as often!
Keep your water clean and your coffee machine cleaner with PostBeans range of replacement filters…

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