De’longhi Coffee Machine Manuals

A library of De’longhi coffee machine manuals, including Bean to cup, Dolce Gusto, Espresso and Nespresso machines

The PostBeans library includes instruction manuals, video guides and top tips for looking after your Delonghi coffee machine.

Whether you own a fully automatic bean to cup machine or the latest nespresso machine – our library of coffee machine information is sure to help you out.

De’longhi Coffee Machine Types

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A brief history of De’longhi…

De’longhi was founded by the De’ Longhi family in 1902. Originally operating as a small workshop, supporting the manufacturing industry in the city of Treviso, Italy.

In 1993 Delonghi made their first coffee machine. The bar espresso pump machine…

Delonghi first coffee machine, Bar Espresso Pump
DeLonghi, Magnifica 04.110

Then in 2003, Delonghi launched the Magnifica. Their first fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine.

Shortly after, in 2004 the company made their first Nespresso machine…

Delonghi first nespresso machine

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