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Here is a summary of Tunisia coffee imports and re-exports. Summarising Tunisia coffee statistics from the International Coffee Organisation (ICO). As well as data from the World Bank along with a number of other reliable open source data platforms.


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Tunisia (TUN) is located in Middle East & North Africa(ZQ) and has a total land area of 155,360km2. 64.84% of which is agricultural land.

In 2018, Tunisia had an estimated population of 11,565,204 with an average increase of 354,549 people per year. With a GDP of $39,770,297,328USD and a resulting GDP per-capita of $3,438.79USD. The average population density was 74.00 people for square kilometre.

The capital of Tunisia is Tunis (10.21 longitude, 36.7899 latitude).

Tunisia Coffee Import and Re-Export Data

Since 1990, Tunisia has imported an estimated 462,057,993kg (kilograms) of green bean coffee, averaging 15,933,034kg each year. Roasting and re-exporting an estimated 332,727kg each year on the global market .

Looking at the start and end figures for this period, overall, imports of green bean coffee in Tunisia have decreased. Whilst re-exports of roasted coffee have maintained steady.

Tunisia Green Bean Coffee Import Data

Tunisia green bean coffee imports were at the lowest in 1991 at an estimated 5,400,000kg.

The importing of green bean coffee was at its highest in 2017. With an estimated total of 32,760,000kg of green bean coffee being imported.

Tunisia Re-Exports of Roasted Coffee

In Tunisia re-exports of coffee, now roasted, was at its highest in 2012 with an estimated 1,080,000kg being roasted coffee being exported from the country. In 2000 re-exports were at the lowest point with 60,000kg being re-exported for consumption elsewhere.

The statistical coffee data shows that, since 1990, a total of 3,660,000kg (3,660 tonnes) of coffee has been roasted and re-exported by Tunisia. Averaging 332,727kg per year during times of active exporting. On the whole, re-exporting of coffee has kept level during this period.

ICO Composite Indicator Import Prices

The price per kilogram per kilogram of green bean coffee paid by Tunisia is estimated to have been at the highest in 2011 at an estimated $4.64USD/kg. The data also shows that this price was the lowest during 2001 at an estimated $1.01/kg.

To conclude, the statistical coffee data shows that the purchase price per kilogram of green bean coffee in Tunisia has increased. Averaging $2.31USD per kilo.


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