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Coffee Machine Philips Series 2200 Ep2221/40


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The Coffee Machine Philips Series 2200 Ep2221/40 on Post Beans. Another great addition to the online coffee shop catalogue.

Two delicious cups of coffee from freshly ground beans prepared at once this can become a reality with coffee machine Philips andquotSeries 2200 EP2221/40andquot.

An intuitive touch display will make it very easy to control your coffee machine.

Coffee drinks are showcased by icons and can be selected from the coffee machine’s display.

Thanks to andquotMy Coffee Choiceandquot function, you can adjust the strength and quantity of each beverage.

CERAMIC COFFEE GRINDERS100% ceramic Philips grinders work precisely so you can enjoy fresh and aromatic coffee everyday.

You will be able to choose the grinding level from 12 grinding settings: from ultrafine to coarse grind.

These durable grinders will last for a long time, and will grind beans for at least 20 000 cups of coffee.

CLASSIC MILK FROTHERThe milk frother allows you to prepare silky smooth milk froth, which is an integral part of a good cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The maintenance of this milk frother is extremely simple: as it is simply assembled in two parts, it is easy to separate and clean them.

SIMPLE MAINTENANCEThe brewing unit is considered to be one of the most important parts of the automatic coffee machine responsible for beverage quality, therefore it should be cleaned regularly.

In order to avoid inconveniences, brewing unit is easily removable by opening the door on the side of the coffee machine.

Rinse the brewing unit regularly with clean running water.

This coffee machine uses the patented Philips andquotAquaCleanandquot water filter to protect the coffee preparation system from limescale.

By changing this filter regularly, at the coffee machine’s request, you can prepare up to 5000 cups of coffee until the next required descaling program.

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