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Coffee Machine Philips Series 5000 Otc Ep5361/10


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The Coffee Machine Philips Series 5000 Otc Ep5361/10 on Post Beans. Another great addition to the online coffee shop catalogue.

Philips Series 5000 is a fully automatic espresso machine which allows you to make up to 5 different coffee drinks with a velvety milk foam of your chosen temperature.

The convenient and easy to use coffee machine allows you to control the intensity, milk and coffee volume, and temperature of the drink all of this to create an individual experience.

Enjoy 5 different coffee drinks, including Cappuccino.

With the help of lightweight aluminium and stainless steel Thermoblock, an ideal cup of coffee at the right temperature will be guaranteed every time.

The new Aroma protective seals will preserve your favourite coffee bean aroma for a longer time fresh taste everyday.

Personalize your coffee volume with a memory function that allows you to enjoy your coffee coffee just the way you like it.

Enjoy the velvety milk foam that is whipped twice and served at a chosen temperature.

Milk foam is made in a special milk container, which can be stored inside the fridge to preserve freshness for a longer time.

100% CERAMIC GRINDER – 100% ceramic grinder is strong and durable.

It will grind your coffee beans precisely and make sure you’re left with the most delicious coffee drink.

Unlike grinders from other materials, a ceramic one saves beans from over roasting.

This grinder also has even 5 different grinding settings which will allow you to grind favourite coffee beans from the finest grind for impeccable espresso to coarse grind for a lighter coffee drink.

Preparing coffee according to individual preferences has never been so easy! EASY CARE AquaClean water filter gives you a chance to use all of your automatic coffee machine’s possibilities.

This filter allows you to prepare up to 5000 cups of coffee without descaling.

When AquaClean filter is integrated, notes about descaling are deactivated automatically.

It’s recommended to change the filter every 3 months.

You will be able to clean the milk system quickly and thoroughly after every cup of coffee with the one touch cleaning system.

Easily removable brewing unit allows you to clean it under the tap quick and convenient.

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