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Coffee Beans Kopi Luwak, 250 G


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The Coffee Beans Kopi Luwak, 250 G on Post Beans. Another great addition to the online coffee shop catalogue.

Intense, rich and extremely thick coffee with aroma filled with chocolate and nuts.

The taste reminds of caramel and leaves a longlasting sweet aftertaste.

Kopi Luwak is a luxurious delicacy in the world of coffee.

Extraordinarily limited supply of Indonesian coffee is processed in a special way in the gastrointestinal tract of the Asian palm civet (andquotluwakandquot).

Squirrellike animals feed on coffee berries and then remove the rest of the bean through the digestive tract.

This way coffee beans change their structure and give the coffee its special aroma and flavour.

The particular taste of Kopi Luwak results from the process itself.

The enzymes in the stomach of palm civet affect the coffee beans and break down the protein.

Before the beans are removed, they still remain in the stomach where they begin to sprout.

In fact, the process is the same as for malt production.

As a result, the coffee loses all its bitterness and develops an exclusive taste.

STORY: When you hear about Kopi Luwak for the first time, the question always arises who discovered this coffee During the colonization Dutch harvested everything from the plantations and local farmers lost the opportunity to taste and sell coffee themselves.

However, they soon noticed that coffee beans could be found in the stools of local palm musangs.

Locals collected the beans, washed, dried and roasted them for their own use.

To their amazement, the taste of coffee was even more amazing than usual this is how this exotic coffee was discovered.

At the end of the 20th century, Kopi Luwak spread across the Western world, creating a real sensation.

The supply of this coffee is very low, so it belongs to the LIMITEDEDITION line.

COUNTRY: IndonesiaREGION: Central JavaFARM: Smallholder farmersALTITUDE: 1500 mandnbspVARIETY: TypicaPROCESS: LuwakROAST PROFILE: Dark mediumTASTE PALATE: Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caramel.


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