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Single Origin Coffee Beans Jamaica Blue Mountain, 250 G


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The Single Origin Coffee Beans Jamaica Blue Mountain, 250 G on Post Beans. Another great addition to the online coffee shop catalogue.

The sweet aroma of tamarinds and oranges with a very mild and sweet taste are the reasons why this coffee is so appreciated.

Tenderness and sweetness will leave a longlasting aftertaste of milk chocolate.

In Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, mistplanted and rainirrigated plantations, coffee trees are slowly ripening their berries, before becoming one of the bestrated coffees in the world.

The particular climate makes coffee beans ripen much more slowly, allowing them to develop a delicate taste and aroma.

Special taste and limited supply of this coffee make coffee lovers around the world go nuts.

This Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is served by Sharp’s familyowned Clydesdale Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee company.

For four generations, the Sharp family has been growing this coffee with great passion and affection in Jamaica’s oldest Clydesdale region, located in the heart of the Blue Mountains.

Not only do they care for the wonderful taste and quality of coffee, they also provide support to those who help grow coffee beans.

The quality of Jamaican coffee is carefully maintained at the state level.

The Coffee Industry Service (CIB), established in 1953, provided coffee the CIB stamp, in addition they closely check the coffee and guarantee that it is, in fact, 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain.

The supply of this coffee is very low, so it belongs to the LIMITEDEDITION line.

COUNTRY: JamaicaREGION: Clydesdale, Blue MountainsFARM: Clydesdale Jamaica Blue Mountain CoffeeandnbspALTITUDE: 1700 mandnbspVARIETY: Blue MountainPROCESS: WashedROAST PROFILE: MediumTASTE PALATE: Tamarind, Orange, Milk Chocolate.


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